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Dear readers,

I loving memory of my father, who has only very recently passed away due to a massive heart failure, I am going to start a small art card studio soon. I have been drawing a lot of mandalas lately and due to popular demand I decided to have some cards printed. I sold out almost immediately and that was when the idea for my new studio was born.

It will be named "Studio Van harte", which roughly translates to "Studio Heartfelt". I'll be selling art cards and little trinkets which will all be appropriate to send and/or give for occasions where heartfelt wishes are in place. Twentyfive percent of profit will be donated to the "Hartstichting", which is the Dutch society for prevention of heart disease.

Since I used to run a business together with my father, my plate has been rather full lately - it's a lot of work managing it all on my own. But I'm getting there. It may take some time before I actually put up a website/webshop for the studio, but when I do I hope you'll check it out.



donated one of the prizes 'year of the book' contest at  :iconthenetherlands:, a papercut commission. I was really lucky to win, and requested a black cat. We have a black cat ourselves; he's named Guybrush and is almost one year old. For some reason he really loves green beans to play with. When I buy them he tries to nick them from the grocery bag and gets as many as he can before we actually eat them. I keep finding dried up beans everywhere around the house. In shoes, under beds and recently a really big stash under the couch. The coolest thing he does is that he walks me and my girls to school. He leaves the house with us and walks the whole street along with us. Just before we have to cross a big road he turns left into the bushes. There he waits untill I walk back home and then he walks along home with me. Xiphosuras made me this wonderful picture of a black cat that actually looks quite like our little shwashbuckler. Thank you so much!

*Purr* by Xiphosuras

Check out her gallery for many more awesome artworks:

The slopes of Ngranek (contest entry) by Xiphosuras  Snake bookmark print by Xiphosuras  Aquarium by Xiphosuras

I'm an aunt!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 23, 2013, 8:22 AM
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My little sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last week and I'm an auntie again! Both my sister and my nephew are doing fine. He's about the easiest baby I have ever seen. He eats well, and he mostly sleeps between meals. When he's hungry or uncomfortable he just moans a bit, and - up to now - he hasn't cried for more than 10 minutes a day. How different my own kids were. They were awake allllll the time. I love them to bits, but I feel sometimes that I'm still catching up on sleep (they're 3 and 5 years old).

My sis asked me to design the birth anouncement card. I work in the printing industry and we had ideas a plenty for all kinds of fun effects and technically complicated cards. But we actually abandoned those ideas quite soon for a very simple, plain card, with just a beautiful illustration. As it happened I came along some really great polymer clay illustrations and thus decied on clay as my main medium. It took quite a lot of work making the illustration for the card, but now it's done, and I have seen it in print, I'm really proud of it. And now my nephew has been born, I can actually share the image with the rest of the world!

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 3:06 AM
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Autumn has set in. The sky is grey today, and I love it. I have done all my groceries, a stew is bubbling away nicely on my stove, and there's is really nothing more I have to do today. I promised my kids we'd bake some cupcakes this afternoon and perhaps we'll do some painting or claying later on. I have collected some autumn craft ideas on pinterest (which is highly addictive) and I'll let my girls pick which project they want to make. These lazy autumn days are the best!

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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 12, 2013, 1:23 PM
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Just got back from my art course. I try to attend weekly, but very often work or life gets in the way and I have to skip class. I love when I can go because it's kind of my breathing space during busy weeks. Two whole hours of focussing on the artwork in front of me (currently working on a dryad doll) and good conversation. My idea of heaven... This evening I found out Marij, my art teacher, is also on deviatnart, so I'd like to point her gallery out to you - find her here:

Check it out - she makes beautiful works!

You can also find out more here:

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Arrived back from a short trip to London yesterday evening. My bestest friend lives there and I try and visit her at least once a year. We had a great few days adn she laughed her head off when I nearly fell off my chair when I received such a lot of feedback messages. I finally came round to replying y'all and now my messagebox is nice and empty. Time to get some work done again (and not just laundry) - hope to post new deviations soon!
just checked in and got app 700 feedback messages - what the F?! Must be the DD - how did that happen anyways? To everybody thata commented and asked me questions about the lamps - I'll get back to all of you, but it may take a few days. Thanks you all for your postive comments!
4th day here on DA and what a massive egoboost these 4 days have been. Thanks for all the nice comments and the warm welcome! I must give some credits to my art teacher. I visit her workshop once a week (if works doesnt get in the way - which sadly lately has happened quite a lot) and there me and my fellow classmates make clay stuff (mostly lamps, dragons and dolls). My teacher Marij makes these wonderful fairytale lamps for a living - if you'd like to see more of them visite her website: Enjoy!
Just joined and submitted some of my stuff. Great to be here!